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Our shares

Cemig’s shares were first listed on the stock exchange of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, on October 14, 1960. On January 14, 1972 our common (“ON”) and preferred (“PN”) shares were listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (“Bovespa”) with the tickers CMIG3 (for the ON) and CMIG4 (for the PN). Since 2001, Cemig’s shares have been listed on the Bovespa at Corporate Governance Level 1. Since 2002 our shares have traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange (XCMIG), sand since 1993 ADRs representing Cemig’s shares have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange, initially at Level 1 (ticker: CIG), for our preferred shares – these were upgraded to Level 2 ADRs in 2001. In 2007 we launched ADRs representing our common shares (ticker: CIG.C) on the NYSE.









Cemig’s shares are included in the following stock indices:

  • ISE Index (CMIG3 and CMIG4)

  • IGC Index (CMIG3 and CMIG4)

  • MLCX Index (CMIG3 and CMIG4)

  • Bovespa Index (CMIG4)

  • IBrX50 Index (CMIG4)

  • IBrX Index (CMIG4)

  • IEE Index (CMIG4)

  • IVBX2 Index (CMIG4)

To know the total number of our shares and the number of shares on free-float, look at the section Corporate Governance/ Shareholding Structure

Rights carried by our shares

Cemig Common (“ON”) shares

  • Tag-along right: In the event of a change of control, holders receive 80% of the value paid per share owned by the controlling stockholder.

  • Right to elect 8 members of the Board of Directors and 4 members of the Audit Board.

  • Guaranteed dividend: Shares issued up to August 5, 2004 carry a guarantee, from the majority stockholder, of a minimum dividend of 6% of the registered capital per year.

  • Par value: R$ 5.00 per share.

Cemig Preferred (“PN”) shares

  • Do not carry a tag-long right.

  • Carry the right to elect one member of the Board of Directors.

  • Carry the right to elect one member of the Audit Board.

  • Have preference in the event of reimbursement of shares.

  • Par value: R$ 5.00 per share.

  • Minimum annual dividend equal to the greater of the following:
    >> 10% of their par value; or
    >> 3% of the proportion of the value of stockholders’ equity represented by the total of the preferred shares.

  • Shares issued up to August 5, 2004, carry a guarantee from the majority stockholder to pay stockholders who are private individuals a minimum annual dividend of 6% of the registered capital.

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